The Housing Rights Committee provides free counseling to San Francisco tenants in all types of housing: rent-controlled units, SROs, public housing and Section 8, serving over 5,000 tenants a year.  We offer peer counseling for tenants four days a week either via telephone or in person at two locations.   We offer both call-in and drop-in counseling.  Dedicated staff and volunteer counselors are trained to help tenants identify options for problems with evictions, illegal rent increases, repair problems, security deposit returns, and more.

We advocate for tenants in Section 8 and public housing, as one of a select number of organizations that provides tenants rights counseling for San Francisco public housing and section 8 tenants.  HRC assists tenants with a Section 8 voucher, officially known as the “Housing Choice Voucher (HCV)” program.

The Housing Rights Committee changes and supports housing-related laws for a more fair San Francisco.  We help create building and community-wide tenants groups and sponsor workshops, community meetings and other events.  We organize entire buildings to fight against displacement and evictions, and coordinate, plan and mobilize individuals and groups, actions and housing justice demonstrations.  HRCSF partners with the Anti-Displacement Coalition, a network of tenant organizations and allies to organize against the soaring evictions and rent increases in our city

Since 1979, The Housing Rights Committee has been fighting for tenants rights, when a group of seniors at Old St. Mary’s Church came together to organize against condo conversions displacing the elderly.

The Housing Rights Committee provides services free to all tenants in San Francisco.  Our members and volunteers make our voice strong and help support renters in need.  

That’s why we need your help.  Your generosity will help HRCSF meet the needs of more San Francisco tenant and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you are part of the movement to make the city a better place for renters.

Your fully deductible donation helps assure HRC’s services continue to be provided free to San Francisco tenants.  It allows us to lobby and organize important tenants rights legislation and strengthen rent control protections.

On behalf of all San Francisco tenants, thank you for your generous support. 

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